Netflix and draw: Blue Planet odyssey

When I watch something like Blue Planet II, practically every frame of the incredible footage begs to be drawn or painted, so I spent several hours last night sketching some of the beasties— and consequently missing many of the others. Next time I can draw some of the ones I missed this time around. Last… Continue reading Netflix and draw: Blue Planet odyssey

Paper-dry leaves crunch beneath our feet, and the wind is picking up

Tuesday I went to my first class in over 7 years— returning to the art of copperplate etching (intaglio). I've a small plate ready to work on before my next class on Tuesday. This is the wee sketch I did for it today. It needs finessing, and then I'll transfer it in reverse to my… Continue reading Paper-dry leaves crunch beneath our feet, and the wind is picking up

a jaunty little row of art nouveau trees

On offer today: a pencil drawing of yet more winter trees, stylized and simple.

Dishing on design!

This is a fun little sketch I started while watching Project Runway. It is one of few ‘reality tv’ shows I enjoy, mainly because the contestants (however manipulated, scripted, or edited out of context for drama) do actually design and create the clothing on the show. I love watching the process, and seeing the results.… Continue reading Dishing on design!

Interior / Exterior: a little watercolor drawing in process

I began this earlier in the week in pencil, and spent far longer on it than I expected to on that initial drawing, but have been aiming for greater attention to accuracy and detail so I can get faster at it. I meant to scan it before inking, but I forgot. Here's a part of… Continue reading Interior / Exterior: a little watercolor drawing in process

celestial bodies

The point of departure here was the 30 circles exercise, but I'm not much of a one for following rules so I made them all different sizes and then it became all about the composition of the circles and ultimately turned into a kindof gravitational meditation in pencil. And then I went full Dr Seuss on that… Continue reading celestial bodies

Don’t see. Don’t speak. | a sketchbook painting

Here's a piece that I initially intended to (1) sketch quickly in pencil in the Moleskine, and (2) finish -simply- with red watercolor and my new Micron™ pens– high contrast, no shading. Instead, it turned into a rather detailed pencil rendering, finished with several layers/workings of watercolor, and only a few lines with a pen (ears, jawline, eyes). I kinda… Continue reading Don’t see. Don’t speak. | a sketchbook painting

pen and pencil

I spent about six hours priming and painting picnic tables outdoors on Wednesday, which was a fine day for it. The tables were all dismantled and lying on tarps. It was more laborious than you'd think, and I felt it in my muscles for a few days after. A day of physical labor is a good greeting for Springtime.… Continue reading pen and pencil

Sketch for a new project

I've been working on a new idea for a project that will (with some perseverance) culminate in a deck of playing cards. Won't say anything more at this time, but here is an initial conceptual sketch. Many more to do, to get at it properly, get the right feel and scale of things. Stay tuned… Continue reading Sketch for a new project

the angry boy

He looks an utter tyrant, but then again, one can imagine the frown may be in connection to that wretched bow his fussy mum made him wear for the portrait...