Various and sundry trophies adorned the walls

Day twelve of #Inktober. Various and sundry hunting trophies adorned the walls of the anteroom. The light from the fireplace made them cast shifting, unsettling shadows onto the walls and ceiling. I've added some process pics after the jump, if you're interested.   +   +   + Some snaps of the my process This… Continue reading Various and sundry trophies adorned the walls

Don’t see. Don’t speak. | a sketchbook painting

Here's a piece that I initially intended to (1) sketch quickly in pencil in the Moleskine, and (2) finish -simply- with red watercolor and my new Micron™ pens– high contrast, no shading. Instead, it turned into a rather detailed pencil rendering, finished with several layers/workings of watercolor, and only a few lines with a pen (ears, jawline, eyes). I kinda… Continue reading Don’t see. Don’t speak. | a sketchbook painting

An assignment to make me better

This creature, hiding his hands for so long, grows a new protective limb; a second ribcage around the heart—an Odalisque refusing intimacy; allergic to vulnerability. My hands are prettiest when they are smeared in ink, paint, any pigment; any evidence of my stock in trade. Drawing is my origin, my core. It’s something I have… Continue reading An assignment to make me better