Interior / Exterior: a little watercolor drawing in process

I began this earlier in the week in pencil, and spent far longer on it than I expected to on that initial drawing, but have been aiming for greater attention to accuracy and detail so I can get faster at it.

I meant to scan it before inking, but I forgot. Here’s a part of the pencil from my pocket computer, though:
And the inking, which I did yesterday, below. You can still see the pencil lines here, anyway, as it was before I erased:

Next, my beginnings of putting bits of color in. At this point I was unsure how much I planned to fill in:

In the end I erased the stripes on the awning. Really, when I put them in (they were imaginary), it was mainly with the objective of simply keeping track of what was what— so many lines! I used the menu at the restaurant a lot as a straight edge.

For the final, I decided against filling in the iron of the windows, and only filled in the black awning outside, and the colorful bits n bobs, essentially leaving the architectural / structural things white (except for that wee shelf in the corner— a diagonal to the browns of the furniture).


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