The skills of observation are the same, whether painted or photographed

Here is my other treasure from the Antiquarian Book Fair (which was fairly well-stocked with so-called Ephemera, that I obv adore)— a stellar and skilled portrait, the likes of this level I've rarely seen in my years of collecting Cabinet Card pictures as they're called when mounted and 'framed' on cards like this. This is… Continue reading The skills of observation are the same, whether painted or photographed

portrait on wood panel

Graphite, ink, solvent-based marker, watercolor and gouache on 5" x 7" wood panel (salvaged from a broken dresser drawer). Drawing on wood has some wonderful advantages; not the least which is the ability to remove everything- or almost everything; to scale it back with sandpaper and begin afresh, with just the ghost of the initial… Continue reading portrait on wood panel

Kingly tests…

King test sketches... OH! I forgot– I haven't yet made manifest the plan. Well, the plan is a Cabinet Card Portrait-inspired deck of cards. Yep. So it begins...

Sketch for a new project

I've been working on a new idea for a project that will (with some perseverance) culminate in a deck of playing cards. Won't say anything more at this time, but here is an initial conceptual sketch. Many more to do, to get at it properly, get the right feel and scale of things. Stay tuned… Continue reading Sketch for a new project