a jaunty little row of art nouveau trees

On offer today: a pencil drawing of yet more winter trees, stylized and simple.

The red oak that dwarfs the big barn

Another drawing in service to the animated short I'm working on. This is one I did last weekend, and I'm hoping to get the barn and silo illustrated from at least one point of view this weekend. Also: fences. I'm looking into learning more about the puppet tool in After Effects, too, so that I’ll… Continue reading The red oak that dwarfs the big barn

Looking upon rooftops from a bird’s eye view

It's almost impossible to fathom the number of people— of individuals, families— that fill the buildings of New York City. Five boroughs filled with I don't know how many buildings; and many if not most of those buildings contain anywhere from six to twenty-six apartments or more. Every window may represent a person. It boggles… Continue reading Looking upon rooftops from a bird’s eye view

The car broke down on a lonely stretch of road

Sorry I missed yesterday's post deadline. Here is one from the archives for December first. Car in Snow.

A cluster of buoys

Day twenty-one );ate): A cluster of wooden buoys hung on the porch, now strewn with crunchy leaves. It hadn't been swept since the summer. #Inktober. See more at @edaggarart

Do you have a new project for Spring?

I've begun a new project that I'll be posting about here periodically (if not frequently). I'll not reveal the details just yet, only a slice of the first drawing. I spent last weekend researching in preparation after an idea from last year resurfaced. I love it when an idea that's collected some dust raises its head… Continue reading Do you have a new project for Spring?

How are you feeling about Winter?

Yesterday was day one of the blizzard named Stella. Morning brought the rare and disconcerting phenomenon known as thundersnow. I've been tied to my work in recent weeks, however, so the change in the weather mainly just made it prettier and much quieter (barring the thunder) out my windows. Here's an illustration I started and finished for a client project yesterday.… Continue reading How are you feeling about Winter?

Sketches of a lost compass

Well, I haven't done any watercolors or writing for the blog this week, apologies. I've been working on several projects for clients, as well as populating a new piece of furniture which arrived over the weekend (a separate post about that forthcoming). Here are a few pencil sketches for a project I'm working on now.… Continue reading Sketches of a lost compass

Portraits: some real, some of thin air

Things have been coming back into focus. A few years ago I was rarely drawing in my sketchbook— heretofore a staple in my life. Turned out it was down to my eyesight. I'd started wearing glasses, but only to read, as it was the only time I really noticed the deficit. When I finally got fitted with contact… Continue reading Portraits: some real, some of thin air

Some do-dads from the archive

Well, I have several things waiting on my list of things to blog about, but they are things that will require some time, research and / or thoughtful writing, and it's Friday evening and I don't want to continue sitting in front of a machine, as I've already been in front of one all day.… Continue reading Some do-dads from the archive