A diminutive row of city buildings

A drawing for today. This was one for a work project, "Nature Block Party"– see it in action at the (temporary) web site for this new offshoot of NYC Wildflower Week, and the new initiative, National Urban Biodiversity Week. Click on the image to see it larger.

Two studies of lamps

First Art Night of 2011! Complete disclosure after the jump. Click the image to see both studies. Pencil allows and invites more sensuous detail than marker, that's for sure. But the simplicity of the marker and ink is also nice. Thus the reason for multiple studies, a discipline I've often shied away from. Fact is,… Continue reading Two studies of lamps

drawing with black and white pencils

A little drawing I did last night with some new pencils (the full drawing is at the end of the post). I must stop buying new art supplies. For awhile. Until I've used up some of those I've got! The discipline of making, of doing the work, every day, is not an easy one for… Continue reading drawing with black and white pencils

a weekend on the upper tine

That is, the North Fork (of Long Island). Miscellaneous sketches from a weekend away, locally. Ben; the posse at delicious dinner table (it was a weekend of good foodie chefs in the house); and finally a random sketch began on Saturday evening, but finally finished this evening (at TWB in Exile's first meeting). None of… Continue reading a weekend on the upper tine

As I recorded the relevent details I saw my writing grow increasingly larger and more ornate.

It was in a dream, and I was writing the names and routes of kids from the school in the district. I'd been placed for some reason in an office relating to the busing of schoolchildren. I'd begun by sorting and opening the mail, and realized too late that I'd opened an envelope for the… Continue reading As I recorded the relevent details I saw my writing grow increasingly larger and more ornate.

Some drawings

Kingly tests…

King test sketches... OH! I forgot– I haven't yet made manifest the plan. Well, the plan is a Cabinet Card Portrait-inspired deck of cards. Yep. So it begins...

Sketch for a new project

I've been working on a new idea for a project that will (with some perseverance) culminate in a deck of playing cards. Won't say anything more at this time, but here is an initial conceptual sketch. Many more to do, to get at it properly, get the right feel and scale of things. Stay tuned… Continue reading Sketch for a new project