Diminutive forests, captured

After spending awhile wandering Green-Wood cemetery, Zac and I managed to gather a great many twigs and sticks from various fallen limb debris. We reconvened, each with our collections; checked their sizes and sturdiness against the two halves of a cigar box (which had been stained and prepped a few weeks ago), and edited out… Continue reading Diminutive forests, captured

Two studies of lamps

First Art Night of 2011! Complete disclosure after the jump. Click the image to see both studies. Pencil allows and invites more sensuous detail than marker, that's for sure. But the simplicity of the marker and ink is also nice. Thus the reason for multiple studies, a discipline I've often shied away from. Fact is,… Continue reading Two studies of lamps

sneaky peeks (drypoint in progress)

A sneak peek at the plexiglas plate. The black paper underneath makes the etches more visible. Sneak peek at a section of my digital 'proof'– wherein I scanned the plate and inversed black and white to get an idea of the density when inked. I see that I have more work to do in the… Continue reading sneaky peeks (drypoint in progress)

Impromptu projects

Kim came over to drop off the menu prints for Bonnie's last evening, and we wound up having a very spur of the moment art night: we got out all sorts of paper, glue, paint, you name it. Then we chose a book from the shelf (Jane Jacobs: The Death and Life of Great American… Continue reading Impromptu projects