sneaky peeks (drypoint in progress)

drypoint on plexiglas- lizzie's viking ship
A sneak peek at the plexiglas plate. The black paper underneath makes the etches more visible.

drypoint on plexiglas- lizzie's viking ship
Sneak peek at a section of my digital ‘proof’– wherein I scanned the plate and inversed black and white to get an idea of the density when inked. I see that I have more work to do in the waves; need to heighten the contrast and depth by adding more shadows to them.

Last night was Art night! One of the most productive ones ever. Above are some teases of my drypoint work in progress– behold: Viking Ship! Really fun process (although the sound can be taxing on others in the room :: screeeee, screeee ::).  I cannot wait to finish it and book a day at the studio to print.

Below is an image of my first plate (also not yet printed), with the etching needle I’m working with.

drypoint on plxiglas, etching needle

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