Those balmy 53ºf days? Gone.

Sneak peeks of the latest drypoint print on the rack, "A Winter find" December has reclaimed winter– what November seemed ill-inclined to do, with its many mild days. So the latest work of engraving in plastic arrives in time to herald the coming of snow. When dried and pressed flat, these will be finished off… Continue reading Those balmy 53ºf days? Gone.

Drypoint close-ups

I finally had a chance to go back to the studio to pick up the prints I worked on before the Brooklyn Plague hit. These will be for sale at the upcoming 3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft Market on Saturday Dec 4 (tomorrow), as well as at Brooklyn Craft Central's Holiday Market on December 18th!… Continue reading Drypoint close-ups

sneaky peeks (drypoint in progress)

A sneak peek at the plexiglas plate. The black paper underneath makes the etches more visible. Sneak peek at a section of my digital 'proof'– wherein I scanned the plate and inversed black and white to get an idea of the density when inked. I see that I have more work to do in the… Continue reading sneaky peeks (drypoint in progress)