Have you heard of the Punderdome?

Twenty-one will enter, only one will leave. Some fun sketches from Punderdome at Littlefield on Tuesday eve, where a few of us joined Adam on his birthday. This exceedingly well-attended and sold-out event provides entertainment of maximum word-nerdiness amid flurries of index cards and timed deliveries of puns. Though we were far back and without the best… Continue reading Have you heard of the Punderdome?

Those balmy 53ºf days? Gone.

Sneak peeks of the latest drypoint print on the rack, "A Winter find" December has reclaimed winter– what November seemed ill-inclined to do, with its many mild days. So the latest work of engraving in plastic arrives in time to herald the coming of snow. When dried and pressed flat, these will be finished off… Continue reading Those balmy 53ºf days? Gone.