drawing with black and white pencils

A little drawing I did last night with some new pencils (the full drawing is at the end of the post).

I must stop buying new art supplies. For awhile. Until I’ve used up some of those I’ve got! The discipline of making, of doing the work, every day, is not an easy one for me when it comes to my art. I’ve no trouble doing the work everyday when it comes to work; that is, when it is for clients, having deadlines and such. My own deadlines tend to take a backseat– to everything.

In the meantime, I’ve been exceedingly busy with work! That’s a good thing for a free-lance such as myself (even when it steals time from art, I suppose). Worked on a fast-deadline submission for an RFP with a new client; a lovely team to work with, and I hope we are selected. That was last week. Also ongoing: many web sites (in various stages of completion) and a slew of designs for interactive touch-screen exhibits for a museum. Deadlines.

At the end of this month, or early September I’ll be setting aside some time to work on new jewelry pieces. There may be some new images, and there will definitely be some new pendants and chains. Look out for them on Etsy.

Here is the full drawing referenced earlier in the post:

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