Portraits: some real, some of thin air

pencil portraitsThings have been coming back into focus.

A few years ago I was rarely drawing in my sketchbook— heretofore a staple in my life. Turned out it was down to my eyesight. I’d started wearing glasses, but only to read, as it was the only time I really noticed the deficit.

When I finally got fitted with contact lenses last March, it became clear that the vision skew was why I wasn’t drawing much. Should have been obvious much sooner!

pencil portraits

Took awhile to get back into the habit wholeheartedly, but I’m sketching a lot again these days, as this blog testifies. I’m nearly finished with a Moleskine that’s less only six weeks old. And the lovely thing is that with the regular practice, my chops are returning; hand and eye reconnecting. (Also remembering the eraser is is as powerful a tool as a pencil.)

Like any muscle or skill, drawing is best strengthened through regular exercise. Even the imaginaries  are coming out better. Plus, there are the silly little artifacts collected along the way—

Sabine “They’re being foul.”
T.L. “Chickens are fowl.”

pencil portraits

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