Some do-dads from the archive

Well, I have several things waiting on my list of things to blog about, but they are things that will require some time, research and / or thoughtful writing, and it’s Friday evening and I don’t want to continue sitting in front of a machine, as I’ve already been in front of one all day. But I don’t like it when I allow too much time between posts, and art is always a nice diversion. So, I’ve dusted off some funny little things from the ART archive. (Which is not nearly complete; time to photograph more of the really old pieces when I’m at the farm at Christmastime.)


These are both items that were done as postal volleys after my dear friend Bart from school proposed the idea of sending one another drawings rather than letters (we— all my close friends— sent letters in summers apart, and even after graduation for awhile; lavish, artsy affairs, one-up-manship!). Mine tended to be on the literal side, autobiographical. They are silly but also rather vulnerable and shaky (we were in our early twenties, just out of school). That one above is pretty funny though. I think we all have days of feeling like that. :: We’re all the same! ::

The second must have been from a shakier day…


… probably shortly after a break-up— such doom-laden things in one’s youth, even when you knew it wasn’t working.

But Oh, how Kelley and I always laughed and laughed over that absurd Weekend beer can!


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