A cabin in the woods and a new acquisition

Above: Our tiny pine cabin in the woods

On the Sunday through Tuesday morning after Thanksgiving I went on a little road trip with the chickens and Jess out to Jenny Jump State Forest in New Jersey. Though it was a clear and mild day, there was enough snow there still to make it very picturesque.

Compass and pocket sundial
Made for the Royal Navy, pocket compass and sundial

Monday we woke to a lovely sunny day and drove south to Clinton, NJ to go to the cute little cafe on the river for lunch, and to wander around for a bit.


The mill in Clinton, NJ
The mill, viewed from the bridge

We always park over near the the museum in the old mill (the water wheel still spins!), and walk over the beautiful bridge to Main Street. Everything was decorated for the holidays; it’s such a cute old town. There’s also a little shop there that we always go to there as well, a gift shop that has handmade items, antiques and curios. That’s where I came upon this brass pocket maritime compass and sundial— so a new acquisition for the Museum. I don’t think it’s particularly old, but it’s a fantastic piece nonetheless.

Gift shop in Clinton, NJ
The highly decorated window of the gift / antique shop  

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