Circling back to that red oak tree on the farm, amid snowfall

Beyond the Red Oak v6 from Elizabeth Daggar on Vimeo. I haven't had time the past two weeks to get much farther with this, but I'm hoping to get back to it on the weekend. Here's where I left off in my motion tests and atmospheric meanderings.

Here’s ink— doing a physical take on white noise

First: you may disagree, but I don't demean a beautiful wood grain by referring to it as white noise. Sometimes the most powerful tonic is a meditative white noise. It's one of the things I love about the hustle-bustle of this town. Everything retreats as you wander; as you dive inward for a moment— take… Continue reading Here’s ink— doing a physical take on white noise

On a crisp fall afternoon, abandon practical pursuits

A Monday broke sunny and fine in October. Distractions around post-debate night in what must be one of the most absurd political races in modernity. Not a good day for 'deep focus' or productivity. Abandon practical pursuits. Walk.