And just like that: Autumn

It arrived with that kind of grey rain that settles in for a few days, so you just have to settle with it. I was out all day Sunday and into the night; eight miles of walking in the rain, and when I got home the apartment was clammy like when it rains at a… Continue reading And just like that: Autumn

Rain soft patterings on wet leaves

Out the front window near my desk, the swifting plash of car tires; drips dripping off the curled iron of the fire escape. Out the back window, where the trees climb higher than the roof, rain soft patterings on wet leaves; there is no wind today. The leaves have not even begun to consider a… Continue reading Rain soft patterings on wet leaves

On a velvet dark night full of stars, the rain began

It's only day four of Inktober, but already I am feeling as though these drawings are all part of a single story. They are feeling all of a piece. I'll let my mind percolate on it, see if a story can begin to emerge... . Follow me @edaggarart on instagram to see more art, or… Continue reading On a velvet dark night full of stars, the rain began

On the farm after a sudden, short downfall

I apologize— I missed my Monday posting deadline! I've been posting a lot lately, but was somewhat busy leading up to go out of town and come upstate. Here are some photographs from around the farm earlier today. There was a brief, thundering deluge around 11am or so. Then the sky brightened which is always… Continue reading On the farm after a sudden, short downfall

A Spring rain, soon forgotten

The morning, bright and grey, has brought that soft, all-day rain peculiar to certain regions, like here. Neither dire nor gloomy; gentle patterings on the sill And out the streetside window— Wet roads that sound like crushed velvet or old dresses, piled flat in a secondhand store. No slantwise wind or biting air Just a fine steady… Continue reading A Spring rain, soon forgotten


Wee little drawing I did from a photograph I saw on the web. The image showed a person walking in the snow, but I think it could work as well for rain, being an umbrella and all. Maybe it would be an interesting image for an engraving; with rain added, you know. I also acquired… Continue reading Umbrella

bywater in rain

continuation of precipitation

Weekends in June are meant for bike rides and vast wanders through boroughs near and far, yet here has been a month of puttering indoors, rain delays, and not much wearing of the shorts and sandals. It has afforded no few hours for map-making, at least; that's not so bad. A friend told me today… Continue reading continuation of precipitation


I've been out walking, and have gotten thoroughly, pleasantly soaked. A circuitous route around the Slope, some of it through the park on this wet blue evening, and it felt so great to ignore the rain and be drenched. Even my hat, whose office it is to keep my head dry, was soaked clean though… Continue reading rain.