Update on the trees

  Here are three snapshots showing progress to the final, where none of the wood remains visible, as in the previous landscapes. I also decided against the golden leaves; as I worked the snow the monochrome won. I may do another, more autumnal, with vibrant leaves. Also, these weathered cedar shingles are a bit tricky to work on,… Continue reading Update on the trees

a stand of trees in winter

Here's a new painting on more cedar in progress (in triplicate). I'm not quite decided on whether the ground will simply be covered in snow, or whether it will be a snowscape covered in golden leaves. I'll post it when it's finished; maybe take a few more shots as it progresses. It's nearly 60º today,… Continue reading a stand of trees in winter

Cedar shake moonscapes & notes on materials

Above is a photo of 2 of 7 of the cedar shake pieces (Apologies for the lo-res and the noise, they are drying on my ‘kinckknacktionary’ resin table. Brooklyn = small apartments) Painting again, oils: three sessions in a week. Feels natural and good (I missed the smell of linseed oil). I’ve been sharing my… Continue reading Cedar shake moonscapes & notes on materials