Unicorns in the pool, and a search for sea-softened stones

Unicorns in a pool in watercolor
Pool mascots (watercolor and ink)

Here are a couple watercolor sketches that I began on the weekend while in Fire Island, and finished last night.

Pool and Pines in watercolor
Pool and Pines (watercolor)

And an excerpt from a text I sent to a friend, regarding a particular mission while I was out on the island:

Twice this day I’ve filled my pockets with soft sea-rounded stones for our purpose. I think there will be a glut, so I will edit them, size- and shape-wise, over coffee in the morning.

She has a board game called Mancala; a game of simple play but infinite possibilities, strategy-wise. It uses a simple board of hollows, through which players move the 48 pieces. Hers is a fine wooden board, but came with un-pretty, too-large, weird hued marbles. So I volunteered to collect sea stones of more appropriate size— and lovelier for being from the raw outdoors.

rounded sea stones
Small rounded sea stones (approx. 3/8″ – 1/2″ diameter)
Mancala board
A wooden Mancala board


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