An austerity of angles sprouting from wild grasses

wild grasses in Fire Island

Along windswept edges of town amid stern midcentury angles, a bright unsunny light filters and glances; limns the geometric emptinesses between things on a weekend in shoulder season on a slip of land off the coast of Long Island. The color of the wood sea-silvered— salt boxes beheaded, re-envisioned by exacting minds, rise out of… Continue reading An austerity of angles sprouting from wild grasses

A philosophical pedestrianism

Autumn, like Spring, is adventure time. Wander time. I’ve been filling up on these. You decide an initial direction or destination, from there you follow your feet, or state of mind. You flow. Chasing miles. Chasing the magic hour. Moonrise. It's nice to chase it all in my own city; the deepening blue, jeweled with lights of infrastructure and the… Continue reading A philosophical pedestrianism