Kitchen Nook, revisited

You may recall a post in which I talked about getting a new (to me) piece of furniture for the nook between the kitchen and the dining area of my apartment. The secretary in question arrived a couple weekends ago, a piece from the childhood home of a dear friend of mine. Before it arrived, I… Continue reading Kitchen Nook, revisited

Floor plans of a room: art archive

I've no recollection of what these plans / designs were intended for; sketches at least 18 years old. Regardless of their erstwhile infamy, I don't know what the three screens were about, and don't know to what room these referred. And what on earth is “Model of Strategy”? It had to be for work (“Time to… Continue reading Floor plans of a room: art archive

Kitchen nook redesign

Kelley has a secretary from the Bell house that she's saved for me. The place where it will make the most sense is the kitchen nook which currently houses the map chest and some shelves. So I've been working on plans for the it— on the left is what it looks like now;  on the right is a… Continue reading Kitchen nook redesign

Another bone box

This delicate little thing was found on the Farm by my mother, and she of course saved it for my collection. Can't be quite sure what sort of bird it's from; a long, slender beak may speak to the anatomy of a Starling, but it seems a bit small. Whatever it was, it casts quite… Continue reading Another bone box

plaster adornments: angels and teeth

diamonds and stripes on a wall

step one: a diamond or argyle pattern Wall adventure on the weekend! I began by measuring out marks every 10" at base of chair rail, and at the top of the floor board moulding. From there I taped Xs to create the large half diamonds.  When those were complete and tape removed, I cut a small… Continue reading diamonds and stripes on a wall

A design update

Dining Room in sunset light Some BEFORE and AFTER images (not necessarily in that order). Despite deadlines, I have done a fair amount of work towards flipping this joint into a respectable space. It's one of my favorite things to do, so made the fact I had to move into a big, three-dimensional art project.… Continue reading A design update

New digs

New front room in progress; looks much like the front room at 105 The North Slope feels like a phantom limb. Time to explore my new neighborhood; get the lay of the land. Just at the moment everything feels far away. Feeling good about the new space, though. Moving is odd and sudden; takes time… Continue reading New digs

images from the weekend

Some interior shots of the beautiful and expertly tiled Weather Up, on Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn. Ben and I stopped in on Saturday evening, having not been back since last May when my dad was in town. Ben ordered one of their specialty cocktails and they go for the true mixologist flair. Very nice. We… Continue reading images from the weekend

2 0 0 6

Happy New Year. the farm in winter Spent Thanksgiving and Xmas upstate at the farm. Sunny and freezing in November, as illustrated in the photo. December was milder. The New Year, as it begins here in Brooklyn, is drenched with rain and blanketed with fog. Sort of weather makes the knees ache and inspires reading… Continue reading 2 0 0 6