A design update

Dining Room in sunset light Some BEFORE and AFTER images (not necessarily in that order). Despite deadlines, I have done a fair amount of work towards flipping this joint into a respectable space. It's one of my favorite things to do, so made the fact I had to move into a big, three-dimensional art project.… Continue reading A design update

New digs

New front room in progress; looks much like the front room at 105 The North Slope feels like a phantom limb. Time to explore my new neighborhood; get the lay of the land. Just at the moment everything feels far away. Feeling good about the new space, though. Moving is odd and sudden; takes time… Continue reading New digs


I shall soon be moving into the House of Ben, and we had a superbly successful moving sale Saturday last-- the weather held without rain, and many walkers of the Avenue stopped to look, and to buy. (The photo above shows only a fraction of the myriad what-not 'twas for sale, as I hadn't a… Continue reading S A L E

in November

Here I am again; it's November, and time to find a new place to live! And, on a deadline of course, so I've not had a chance to go see any apartments this week so far. In more disturbing news, however: A few months ago, I received one of these printed mailers informing me of… Continue reading in November

same damn day.

Sometimes it feels as if things are beginning to curl in upon themselves, the way newsprint pages do, and it becomes difficult to tell where one line ends and another begins; whether things are overlapping or simply mirroring one another-- inarticulate. Or maybe it's time that seems to curl in upon itself; things grow confusing.… Continue reading same damn day.