A doubtful guest arrived just before those invited

Saturday evening, perhaps twenty minutes before the arrival of some friends, as I sat on the Queen Anne, a shadow shape limped into my peripheral. I said Mouse! And then my tone changed immediately as I saw him slump to a stop on the floor just a few feet from me, and close his eyes.… Continue reading A doubtful guest arrived just before those invited

more apartment shots

the headboard; button-upholstered with matte white vinyl the gallery wall in the 'outhouse'; all black and white drawings and etchings Here are a couple more shots of the interiors of No.6. The one in the bathroom is taken in the mirror, as the room is so small that's really the only way! These are just… Continue reading more apartment shots

A design update

Dining Room in sunset light Some BEFORE and AFTER images (not necessarily in that order). Despite deadlines, I have done a fair amount of work towards flipping this joint into a respectable space. It's one of my favorite things to do, so made the fact I had to move into a big, three-dimensional art project.… Continue reading A design update

New digs

New front room in progress; looks much like the front room at 105 The North Slope feels like a phantom limb. Time to explore my new neighborhood; get the lay of the land. Just at the moment everything feels far away. Feeling good about the new space, though. Moving is odd and sudden; takes time… Continue reading New digs