Twin angels, their bisque trepanned; eyes empty

This image, a detail of one of my assemblages involving old porcelain dolls. Their halos are of sterling wire.

Maps & territories on Etsy

Some cool new pieces have been added to my Etsy shop; these are some of the pieces Zac and I have been working on over the past month or so. Landscapes in oil on reclaimed cedar shingles (as posted recently) and the first of a handful of vintage cartographic cigar boxes. Check 'em out on Etsy.… Continue reading Maps & territories on Etsy

Another bone box

This delicate little thing was found on the Farm by my mother, and she of course saved it for my collection. Can't be quite sure what sort of bird it's from; a long, slender beak may speak to the anatomy of a Starling, but it seems a bit small. Whatever it was, it casts quite… Continue reading Another bone box

Intervals, in art and grammar

The cigar box's resulting border, its leaf having been painted over at intervals. My front room floor is glittered with tiny fragments of leaf. I decided to give the borders a contrasting stripe look (a la Moorish architecture in Spain, for example) as the whole thing was looking entirely too contemporary with the borders all… Continue reading Intervals, in art and grammar

Perhaps the twins ought to’ve been named Castor & Pollux (based on my aesthetic propensities)

But "twins" is so much simpler. In the meantime, (before I take better photographs), here is another angle of the Angels, with their fine gauge halos of sterling— not gold. (Note the trepanned skull; place to affix a head of hair to a bisque-built head.)

Two new works: Machines Number 6 and 11

Left: Machine Number 11: Twins;  Right: Machine Number 6: Flightless Angels Art! A sunday spent in air conditioning, making a mess and making a couple of assemblages. The one on the left involves a frame that was sent to me years ago by Beth (The Mad Framer). I cut a small piece of wood for… Continue reading Two new works: Machines Number 6 and 11