Two new works: Machines Number 6 and 11

Left: Machine Number 11: Twins;  Right: Machine Number 6: Flightless Angels

Art! A sunday spent in air conditioning, making a mess and making a couple of assemblages. The one on the left involves a frame that was sent to me years ago by Beth (The Mad Framer). I cut a small piece of wood for the backing, and stained everything with dark walnut before adding the twins and metal tag. One twin faces inward, and the other outward (see detail after the jump).  They (and the angels) are made of bisque, and were unearthed in Germany where a doll factory had been before the war. (Frozen charlottes are one of the most common type of porcelain dolls found in similar circumstances, of which I have two as well.) The piece on the right is contained within a drawer from an antique table; I love the arch— love that a part of a piece of furniture which would never have been seen was artfully crafted into a beautiful curve. The angels’ halos are sterling jewelry wire. I will try to get better photographs of both pieces at some point (hanging on a wall, and using a tripod.)

Machine Number 11: Twins (detail)

Machine Number 6: Flightless Angels (detail to show the doll’s teeth)

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