Sunday morning, looking through old sketchbooks

It's a fine Sunday, breezy and overcast; not bad qualities for a lazy morning at a window-side desk. A long time ago I used to use crow quill dip pens for drawing and lettering. Though it can be a chore keeping those nibs clean enough to flow nicely, their character cannot be matched by the… Continue reading Sunday morning, looking through old sketchbooks

The newest beneficiary of my catch-and-release program

I’ve been buying pond comets from the feeder tanks at pet stores for years. Because they can grow to be almost as large as koi, I only keep them for a year or two, depending on how quickly they grow. When they reach a point of becoming too large for my tank, I release them… Continue reading The newest beneficiary of my catch-and-release program

Ink works: art archive

Apologies! This was meant to post yesterday— the danger of three day weekends; one forgets what day it is. Anyway, I love this drawing! It's an illustration that I did (in ink) as a full page for a magazine layout project back in the day. It's my friends Kelley, Thomas, and Sean (but they were in the… Continue reading Ink works: art archive