The Magazine Show! A new project

This winter I embarked on a journey into audio media— a podcast to be precise. The idea happened one night when James and I were leafing through a stack of vintage magazines, finding outlandish ad copy or headlines, and reading them aloud, trying not to laugh. Some of the content of course is meant to be provocative, for… Continue reading The Magazine Show! A new project

Looking out upon falling snow in a fierce wind

Looking out upon falling snow in a fierce wind, having read the latest news (that has spoiled my coffee, again—) Gone cold, with my views or once-belief regarding some inherent goodness— A bleak feeling that renders even this brutal, unkind weather beautiful Gentle, by comparison. Each day, what counts as News defiles sense. Escalation, unsustainable (please) Noah's mythical flood Now… Continue reading Looking out upon falling snow in a fierce wind

#NotMyPresident, as they say

I try to not go political too often on this blog, but this is graphic design too. I made this gif in response to the horrors of only the first few days of new policies and decrees from our new leader, Herr Drumpf. Feel free to share it via GIPHY

Aftermath; disbelief

It’s been a seething, anguished game of grenade-tossing between two very different Americas, and we are all victims of it, now, winners and losers.

The Republic is collapsing

I decided to make this into a finished piece. The Republic is collapsing under its own weight. Bernie for Caesar! (tongue in cheek, this, by the way)

Attention Democrats, Progressives, Liberals!

Gonna get a little political, just for a minute, because it's important, damnit. The election is still months away, I realize, but the smallish faction of Bernie-or-Bust people out there being loud has gone too far, considering at this point they are going against their beloved Bernie. Look, I've been a great fan of Mr… Continue reading Attention Democrats, Progressives, Liberals!

The implicit ‘too’— What matters

We are not a nation known for nuance— apparently what’s implicit is not always obvious. But if a sensitive, painstaking explanation is what’s required, let what's viral be helpful. #BlackLivesMatterToo