Attention Democrats, Progressives, Liberals!

VOTE-DEM-2016Gonna get a little political, just for a minute, because it’s important, damnit.

The election is still months away, I realize, but the smallish faction of Bernie-or-Bust people out there being loud has gone too far, considering at this point they are going against their beloved Bernie.

Look, I’ve been a great fan of Mr Sanders for years, since long before his run for presidency seemed possible. I voted for him in the Primaries. But through the unbelievability of the American public, Trump is now not only the Republican candidate— Nate Silver has crunched the numbers and he’s a viable candidate. Terrifying.

So, can we cease and desist the in-fighting until after the Democratic party’s candidate — Hillary—  has been unequivocally voted into the White House? Please?

Remember: Supreme Court justice tenures last far longer than four to eight years.

Say some words!

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