Super fun Snapchat silliness project

Kelley & Lizzie’s Summer Funtimes from Elizabeth Daggar on Vimeo.

I’ve been meaning to get a handle on Snapchat for awhile. My initial impetus being that it’s prevalent among social media, so as a designer working in motion graphics and editing (among other media), it’s important to stay on top of such things.

While I’ve made half-hearted attempts before, always my interest waned. Turned out all I needed was a four hour bus ride wherein I was basically trapped and a little bored— and voila! A monster was born.

I passed on my new obsession to Kelley upon arriving in Baltimore and we were horrible teens for the remainder of our little trip, snapping away and adding stickers to All the Things! We have mastered the art of being 12.

snapsThe face-mapping and motion-tracking features are impressive. I do wish the interface allowed for uploading or accessing PNGs of my own making, ’cause I would make a shit-ton. For starters, I’d create a library of face features, a la Mr Potato Head style, so all objects could become characters. (Currently there are very few emoji that can serve— see the still of the deviled eggs.) It would also be pretty dope to be able to motion-track text.

I know Snapchat is meant to be about ~living in the moment~ and *ephemera* but dammit, I’m a media hoarder and I really love editing, so I saved most of them to my phone and created this ridiculousness in After Effects. Enjoy!


Tunes in the video:
Lonesome Street  by Blur
That Moon Song* by Gregory Alan Isakov
And She Was* and Road to Nowhere* by the Talking Heads
Baby Elephant Walk* by Baba Brooks
*These were in the original snaps, but the sound quality was poor so I replaced them with clean mp3s.

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