The Magazine Show! A new project

The Magazine Show podcastThis winter I embarked on a journey into audio media— a podcast to be precise. The idea happened one night when James and I were leafing through a stack of vintage magazines, finding outlandish ad copy or headlines, and reading them aloud, trying not to laugh.

Some of the content of course is meant to be provocative, for example in magazines like Hush Hush, The Lowdown, or Suppressed. But much of the most surprising copy can be found in the advertisements, which are true barometers of the culture of an era.

The Magazine Show podcast episode art

“Let’s do a podcast of this!”

Within a week we tracked down the gear needed to begin our podcast (on loan from a generous friend, Gerard) to see if the idea had legs. We read and comment, usually bringing the topic back round to the current age.

There has been a lot of research involved and a bit of a learning curve; we’ve been honing our skills. A motion designer and visual editor, turns out I love editing audio, too. We team up for fine tuning and the finished production of each episode.

The podcast has an attendant blog in which many of the ads or stories from each episode are featured, for folks who want to see what we’re talking about, not just hear about it. Go and have a look / listen! New episodes are released every Monday! (NSFW)

.   .   .

In addition to the magazines above we also read from True Detective, Life, The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, and more. Our second episode tracks away from the magazines for a special Inauguration Day episode, which is a sort of red carpet commentary.

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