Receipts as a substrate for drawing

Live music at Roots Café
I was thinking— I must always bring my sketchbook, else I wind up in a situation with only receipts from my wallet as drawing surfaces. (You never know where you may wind up when you’ve no specific plans beyond 6pm.)

But, then— an ‘unconventional materials’ challenge is probably a good thing; keeps a person sharp. (Be prepared to be unprepared.)

Anyway, here are some folks I know and some I don’t— singing songs of love and heartbreak in honor of Valentine’s Day at Roots Café in Brooklyn last night. The singers and players all sounded super.

As for the drawings, I think they turned out pretty alright for hasty observations rendered on small, thin sheets of paper with text from the obverse showing through.

Live music at Roots CaféLive music at Roots Café
Live music at Roots Café
Live music at Roots Café

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