Elizabeth Daggar: Art & Other Follies

Recently, almost every time a Wordpress update happened, there resulted some issue with the Layerslider plug-in, rendering one or more pages of my art folio site dysfunctional. Not very nice! And I'm sick of the endless parade of updates. For now my solution has been to create cascading grid-style portfolios, not reliant on third party bullshit. At length, I'll… Continue reading Elizabeth Daggar: Art & Other Follies

the coffee is working

(sneak peek of site in development) It’s another gorgeous fall day, and I ought to’ve gone out there much earlier, but when you catch some flow on a project, it’s criminal to interrupt, even for such a gift of a day. I’ll head out soon, though, before the sun’s gone. I’ve been indulging in some good… Continue reading the coffee is working