"this blog used to be a phantom organ i grew for survival during a hard time a few years ago and a constellation grew around it or i fell into its communal chaos, something, but now it's all obscured, dispersed, half-kaput.  oh well oh well oh well." —from [a previous incarnation of] Bett's Blog She makes… Continue reading borrowed—

Feedback re: Calendria

I've been quite the absentee landlord of this space for the past few weeks. Still haven't much new (maybe a few drawings will be forthcoming), so I am going to share some of the praise that has come through from folks who've purchased the map on Etsy... “The product was everything I thought it would… Continue reading Feedback re: Calendria

Sleep talking

According to Ben, a few days ago I was saying very strange things in my sleep. Much of it was gibberish, of course, but he managed to hear (and write down) a few lines in the midst. To wit: Nothing on this billboard, bitch. Don't go. I'll do it myself. Hahahaha!!!

Fiction is where we want to live

dream Etymology: Middle English dreem, from Old English drēam: noise, joy 1 : a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep 2 : an experience of waking life having the characteristics of a dream: as a : a visionary creation of the imagination : daydream b : a state of mind marked by… Continue reading Fiction is where we want to live

transformation and beauty

Today's essay from Mr Keillor was  a good'n. An excerpt: It was so much more than what we deserved to hear, which is true of art, a lavish gift of the heart that shames pretense by its outrageous generosity.

the costumery of scoundrels

That's a phrase lifted from Cary Tennis in today's Since You Asked column. I think it makes a fine title and perhaps I will do a drawing for it. Or something. You can't go wrong with the word scoundrel in a sentence. It has a theatrical flair. It evokes imaginary and colorful histories; ubiquitously nostalgic,… Continue reading the costumery of scoundrels

of recent moments; not now.

Yesterday afternoon I had a bit of a nap, having finished up on a deadline. It took awhile to fall asleep; I lay there, eyes closed, sounds from out on the street coming in. I love that middle realm–  you're not asleep yet but neither are you really awake. Often in that space I experience… Continue reading of recent moments; not now.

good words

"A walking pace is the speed of community." (Bull Bunn for Salon) "She possessed the hopeful, hopeless courage of the poor, which is perhaps the most appealing of all human qualities…" - Gene Wolfe, from The Shadow of the Torturer


Despite having applied available discipline in the early hours (waking, recalling, and a forced recounting of relevant details before slipping back into sleep), what sprang from the subconscious has been subsequently and utterly lost. Often it is precisely when we wish to grasp that we lose our tentative hold altogether. So it is that we… Continue reading tessellated


1 : the curve assumed by a cord of uniform density and cross section that is perfectly flexible but not capable of being stretched and that hangs freely from two fixed points 2 : something in the form of a catenary This word hasn't much relevance here; it's just been in my head because it… Continue reading catenary