of recent moments; not now.

Yesterday afternoon I had a bit of a nap, having finished up on a deadline. It took awhile to fall asleep; I lay there, eyes closed, sounds from out on the street coming in. I love that middle realm–  you’re not asleep yet but neither are you really awake. Often in that space I experience auditory hallucinations. Really disconcerting but sort of magic, too.

Earlier today the water main to our building was turned off for over eight hours. We’d got the warning yesterday so I filled many things up with water (the most crucial of which was a five-gallon bucket which allowed me to ‘flush’ the toilet).

Last night Kim and I had an art night. I actually managed to make some progress on the map canvas, although it felt like kicking and screaming, and I spent a fair amount of time deriding the way my design instincts take over all of my artistic endeavors– too much effort wasted on literal translations and attempting to create vector-sharp lines, etc. Trying to achieve a kind of perfection that is, I think, antithetical to the medium of paint.

Saturday morning I shall be striving to make a 6:45am train to DC , to go to Carl’s memorial at the Bell’s House.

*    *    *

Currently reading: Caesar by Colleen McCullough
Most recent CD purchase/listening: The Hazards of Love by the Decemberists

Some words:

vergobret :  Among the Aedui, a tribe of Gaul, the executive held the title of “Vergobret,” a position much like a king, but its powers were held in check by rules laid down by the council.
sagacious : of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment : discerning <sagacious judge of character> b: caused by or indicating acute discernment

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