time for new jewelry!

Photo resin jewelry by electrofork

A sneak peek at some new silverplate pendants: the caravel from my litho print (a bit of lizzie faux scrimshaw), classic Amsterdam buildings (for key chains to sell at Rolling Orange), and a close-to image of a jade plant. The resin for these has yet to be poured– these are in progress. They will begin showing up on my Etsy site next week!

Also coming soon: adorable charms for your mobile device or cell phone. Small and cute. I will likely be doing some new drawings to continue the nautical theme; a pirate ship and a viking ship. I’ve ordered straps for these, and I may have time next week to pour more resin. If the timing goes pear-shaped before my impending trip abroad, check my Etsy store at the end of September. Arrrr and ahoy, mateys~

Electrofork resin cell phone charms
Some of the charms in progress

The ovals shown here are sterling and measure 10mm x 14mm; the square is 15mm square, silver-plated.

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