a few photos (overdue) from the Upper Tine

The change into autumn has begun; less humidity, cooler nights, and Alas! it begins to grow dark well before 8:00 these days. In honor of the waning summer, following are a few selects from that weekend we went to the North Fork of Long Island last month. I cannot help but to get sad at the passing of summer, no matter how hot it was; I think this must be an artifact of my school-aged self. The putting away of summer things, having to accustom oneself to proper shoes again, and long sleeves, layers. The inescapable back to the grind-ness of it all (despite having been quite busy all summer). I must say I’ve enjoyed this summer; it has been flush with work, friend and family visits and even art- and happily with many more swimming expeditions than last year.

the breezeway

Long Island Sound
the pebble beach we found on the Sound

waterways in the wetlands

North Fork Vineyard, Shinn Estates
Shinn Estates. Mmmm grapes for wine.

North Fork wine grapes

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