Some bits n bobs from the moleskine

Returned from a trip abroad

Apologies for the long gap in activity here. I did so well with a minimum of 1-2 posts per week for over two years, and recently dropped the ball! I was on a trip to my usuals over the past couple of weeks; Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris— photos forthcoming as I go through my selects,… Continue reading Returned from a trip abroad

These are the last; there will be no more

On offer today: some marker and pen sketches of folks from the last Friday night at Hope & Anchor. Officially closed as of Sunday, and as I understand they had a sort of second line jazz funeral for the beloved diner and karaoke joint of Red Hook.. It's a place I'll sorely miss; another casualty… Continue reading These are the last; there will be no more

Philosophical pirates, intellectual outlaws

When I was young, probably in college, I’d occasionally hear a person talking about this or that luminary, describing them as a “Rhodes Scholar.” My lack of awareness at the time meant that I’d only ever heard the phrase, not seen it spelled out. I had no idea. In my adventurous young mind, I heard… Continue reading Philosophical pirates, intellectual outlaws

These are people observed at bars over several weeks

More from the sketchbook with the paper I'm not keen to work on. The book is finished (enough). Here are the last few that were decent enough to post (even if marginally). Some work with a brush pen here, but those things require a light touch, so I need to work on that.

These are people riding the A, D, and F trains

I only posted photographs while I was on vacation, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sketching. I've been really trying to finish up this sketchbook, which has crap paper so I can get back to a Moleskine, haha. Anyway, some of these needed some color; some needed tightening up. I just haven't had time… Continue reading These are people riding the A, D, and F trains

SLOW: children drinking

Nah, the sign says children playing, but it's in the backyard of a bar, so kind of the same thing. I was doing two sides of the yard at once to be inconspicuous, and wound up with a giant guy floating behind the people with popcorn. Rather an odd image.

Inky vignettes, and cheers

the way something shiny looks under water, viewed from the shore

A continuation from last week (unpublished); always on about words, words. Waking up from an idea or a notion of something like it was a sleep-dream; acknowledging that your perception was distorted or not informed enough, and being okay with it, it’s fine. So you adjust your perception— we do it all the time. It’s… Continue reading the way something shiny looks under water, viewed from the shore

At the Holiday Craft Fair

Some sketches of shoppers at the 3rd Ward Holiday Craft Fair today...