Candles emitting a cadmium glow

These candles, clad in two layers of glass, reflect and shimmer beautifully in the dim interior and caught my eye. I didn't spend as much time truly observing them as I may have; rather did a sort of lazy caricature or symbolized portrait of them.My scanner has a really tough time with these new cadmium… Continue reading Candles emitting a cadmium glow

Saturday Sausage Party: a sketch in three phases

Here's a sketch I did on the weekend; the view from a corner table. There was no place to sit at the bar, and the whole length of it was occupied by men. hence the snarky little title in the upper left. This is perhaps a 15-20 minute sketch done directly in ink. Last evening… Continue reading Saturday Sausage Party: a sketch in three phases

SLOW: children drinking

Nah, the sign says children playing, but it's in the backyard of a bar, so kind of the same thing. I was doing two sides of the yard at once to be inconspicuous, and wound up with a giant guy floating behind the people with popcorn. Rather an odd image.

Boy in the loud sweater (signing his check)

Here’s something I painted last night. It was a quick pencil drawing that I dashed off toward the end of my sketchbook last week, and then forgot until I stumbled across it, because I never skip pages. And below a photo I snapped of it in progress, before I'd decided to keep on painting and… Continue reading Boy in the loud sweater (signing his check)