These are people observed at bars over several weeks

More from the sketchbook with the paper I'm not keen to work on. The book is finished (enough). Here are the last few that were decent enough to post (even if marginally). Some work with a brush pen here, but those things require a light touch, so I need to work on that.

These are people riding the A, D, and F trains

I only posted photographs while I was on vacation, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sketching. I've been really trying to finish up this sketchbook, which has crap paper so I can get back to a Moleskine, haha. Anyway, some of these needed some color; some needed tightening up. I just haven't had time… Continue reading These are people riding the A, D, and F trains

In dimly lit spaces I feel like Matisse

Here's a couple of drawings from last week. Did you know that Matisse was going blind toward the end of his career, and resorted to cut paper instead of paint, so he could feel the shapes? I sometimes feel I can relate to him, in a small way— mainly in dim lighting. It's an upsetting… Continue reading In dimly lit spaces I feel like Matisse

The subconscious: it’s bigger on the inside

My dreams this morning were a wildly colorful and vivid jumble of characters and scenarios, from which I could hardly escape or retreat. And I don’t think I wanted to. I've been drawing much more than writing these days, and I've not transcribed a dream upon waking in quite awhile. Even today, this was as… Continue reading The subconscious: it’s bigger on the inside

A day out on the bike to sketch

Took my bike out yesterday afternoon for some riding around on the waterfront in Brooklyn— first to Brooklyn Bridge Park to view the new little marina at Pier six. Below is a pic of the piece pre-inking, and a snapshot of the view from where I sat (after the sailboat in the drawing had gone).… Continue reading A day out on the bike to sketch

Lamps and locals down at the local

I painted these after I got home, as I'd not brought the watercolors with me. I rather like these more ambitious studies, incorporating the whole scene. It requires me to pay more attention. As I work directly in ink (no erasing), it requires me to slow down and really observe. Be aware. It's a funny thing,… Continue reading Lamps and locals down at the local

Scenes from the Bushwick Country Club

What was intended to be an excursion into Bushwick yesterday afternoon left us stranded in Williamsburg as the L train chose to go no farther than Lorimer. So we began with a beer at Union Pool, into which I've not stepped foot in many years, and whose backyard has greatly improved. We followed that with a visit to… Continue reading Scenes from the Bushwick Country Club

Observationals near the end of March

How quickly the year moves forward! Already a quarter of 2017 has blurred by out the passenger window.

More reals and imaginaries in watercolor

Drawings with some pink added

Left: A sneaky sketch of TL playing guitar and singing at Freddy's. Right: Some people at a table Left: A sneaky sketch of Ray, showing his inner (and outer?) demeanor. Right: Girl in a hoodie