Scenes from the Bushwick Country Club

What was intended to be an excursion into Bushwick yesterday afternoon left us stranded in Williamsburg as the L train chose to go no farther than Lorimer. So we began with a beer at Union Pool, into which I've not stepped foot in many years, and whose backyard has greatly improved. We followed that with a visit to… Continue reading Scenes from the Bushwick Country Club

Stylizations of the observed: Rochester edition

Some observational do-dads in the sketchbook from my excursion upstate over the Christmas holiday.

Some Moleskine sketches from recent weeks

Such a pleasure to step back and people-watch. Divine. Good sketching, there, being invisible— the only way. Momentary moments and dead give-aways; anthropology. (Aside, it appears there's some red ink on my scanner bed— same place each scan. Note to self: time to razor and windex the scanner glass.) More sketchy sketches after the jump.>>… Continue reading Some Moleskine sketches from recent weeks