A day out on the bike to sketch

sketching at Brooklyn Bridge Park
Took my bike out yesterday afternoon for some riding around on the waterfront in Brooklyn— first to Brooklyn Bridge Park to view the new little marina at Pier six.

Below is a pic of the piece pre-inking, and a snapshot of the view from where I sat (after the sailboat in the drawing had gone). It’s only 6″x4″, so a bit too small for such a vista, but it’s good practice anyway.
I need to loosen up a lot more when sketching architectural things, be less literal. The finished piece is far too on-the-nose— timid, and lacking dynamics. My treatment of the buildings while inking flattened that expanse of the harbor. But learning happens through failing!Then I took the bike path to Red Hook, where I had a pint at Bait & Tackle and sketched just a few of the many, many nautical and taxidermy knickknacks. And finally, I headed next door to Ice House, where I did some sketches of people in the backyard. Those sketches in the next post, stay tuned!Do-dads inside Red Hook Bait & Tackle

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