1 Week : 100 People [day one]

This month, Urban Sketchers Chicago is holding a 1 week 100 people symposium. I'm not there, but have only recently heard of this particular challenge, so I decided to give it a whirl. (They do it in 5 days, but I'm going to allow myself seven, as 7 days makes a week.) Anyway, I did… Continue reading 1 Week : 100 People [day one]

These are people riding the A, D, and F trains

I only posted photographs while I was on vacation, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sketching. I've been really trying to finish up this sketchbook, which has crap paper so I can get back to a Moleskine, haha. Anyway, some of these needed some color; some needed tightening up. I just haven't had time… Continue reading These are people riding the A, D, and F trains

The subconscious: it’s bigger on the inside

My dreams this morning were a wildly colorful and vivid jumble of characters and scenarios, from which I could hardly escape or retreat. And I don’t think I wanted to. I've been drawing much more than writing these days, and I've not transcribed a dream upon waking in quite awhile. Even today, this was as… Continue reading The subconscious: it’s bigger on the inside

A day out on the bike to sketch

Took my bike out yesterday afternoon for some riding around on the waterfront in Brooklyn— first to Brooklyn Bridge Park to view the new little marina at Pier six. Below is a pic of the piece pre-inking, and a snapshot of the view from where I sat (after the sailboat in the drawing had gone).… Continue reading A day out on the bike to sketch