These are the last; there will be no more

On offer today: some marker and pen sketches of folks from the last Friday night at Hope & Anchor. Officially closed as of Sunday, and as I understand they had a sort of second line jazz funeral for the beloved diner and karaoke joint of Red Hook.. It's a place I'll sorely miss; another casualty… Continue reading These are the last; there will be no more

Jolly sketches of karaoke time at the diner

Spent some time in Red Hook over the weekend; went to say goodbye to that institution of a watering hole Bait & Tackle, followed by a visit into Sunny's (where yesterday's photos originated), and finally dinner and some time with friends who sing at Hope & Anchor, also soon to be no more. This is… Continue reading Jolly sketches of karaoke time at the diner

Textures in an empty backyard in Red Hook

The day following the feast was sunny and mild

The day following the feast was sunny and mild, inviting of a long wander. Following lunch in a sunny local, we embarked on a meandering walk that included many stops along the way in a handful of neighborhoods. Eventually we found ourselves again at the harbor, staring out at moon-glittered water in the early dark.… Continue reading The day following the feast was sunny and mild

The kids love to karaoke

On a Friday night in Red Hook, a delightful reunion of friends over a swell dinner and lots of singing. (I don't sing at karaoke, but I sure love listening and drawing.)

People in the backyard on Sunday

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I went to the Ice House in Red Hook after stopping in at Bait & Tackle. There are always lots of people to observe and sketch on a fine day in the backyard there. Although I think this structural meditation on the wall is my favorite of these three.… Continue reading People in the backyard on Sunday

Some sketches: warm, bright, like summer

Friday evening I rode my bike to Red Hook to surprise a friend at work and have dinner at Hope & Anchor (delicious). A street fair was underway. It was a good excursion. I needed to get outside, having not felt very well all day, and stuck indoors during lovely weather. I rode back by… Continue reading Some sketches: warm, bright, like summer

Song of Myself, on a barge in Red Hook

Saturday evening there was a fundraising event on the historic museum barge in Red Hook; the reading of every last canto of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself, as read by a number of local luminaries. It began before and ended just after sunset over Brooklyn's Buttermilk Channel and Erie Basin, the once-Dutch, fierce little neighborhood called Red Hook. I've… Continue reading Song of Myself, on a barge in Red Hook

A wander toward Red Hook

A few photographs from an early evening Sunday wander in Brooklyn. I clocked seven and a half miles that day, half of them in a mild drizzle. (I'd hoped to beat nighttime to the waterfront, but did't manage it.)

an excursion diverted

Ben zooming through a parking lot We rode out bikes to the Fulton Ferry landing yesterday with the plan of catching one of the free ferries going to Governors Island for City of Water Day, but upon arriving found a line over an hour long (as only 15 bikes were being allowed per trip, and… Continue reading an excursion diverted