New sketchbook

A couple of drawings from the new Moleskine. My last book took three months to fill, which is rather long. I'd like to put in more consistent drawing hours this time. Aaaaaand, I'm putting this photo here to show you how a print of the first in my Red Hand series looks in a frame (super!), and to serve… Continue reading New sketchbook

Red Hand No.3

The third in a new series. Above is the finished version; this one is on 9" x 12" bristol paper. (The two previous were done in my moleskin, 5" x 8".) PROCESS: (These were shot on my iPhone, so not nearly as crisp or clean as the final, which was scanned.)

Don’t see. Don’t speak. | a sketchbook painting

Here's a piece that I initially intended to (1) sketch quickly in pencil in the Moleskine, and (2) finish -simply- with red watercolor and my new Micron™ pens– high contrast, no shading. Instead, it turned into a rather detailed pencil rendering, finished with several layers/workings of watercolor, and only a few lines with a pen (ears, jawline, eyes). I kinda… Continue reading Don’t see. Don’t speak. | a sketchbook painting

Charcoal pencil sketches

A couple of drawings from imagination on kraft paper with black and white charcoal pencil*. I've been enjoying drawing hair lately. It was nice to get the charcoal out after a long time. The chiaroscuro technique of bringing highlights up from a medium tone is satisfying— although I'm out of practice, and without model or reference… Continue reading Charcoal pencil sketches

Man with a mustache

Well this one turned out better, though my markers are running out at this point. Due for a visit to Blick. His face is rather less long and narrow than in the tintype I referenced, and his body slightly more awkward; diminished— but I like the effect. He looks terrifically in earnest. (I realized part… Continue reading Man with a mustache

portrait of a woman with a comb in her hair

Another study, using markers, from an old photograph. Not as successful, nor as interesting as yesterday's, but the point of studies is practice, not perfection.

a new portrait study

Started a pencil portrait study on the weekend, but I wanted to do some fast and loose work to get back into the swing of drawing, so markers and Moleskine tonight, and my collection of Victorian and Edwardian era portraits. This is a cropped photo from my phone taken about midway through. Full finished study… Continue reading a new portrait study

The first of the bathers

The first of several bathers– a new work in a cigar box that was apparently, unintentionally designed to be the world's perfect mini-diptych in the most traditional sense; 1 : a 2-leaved hinged tablet folding together to protect writing on its waxed surfaces 2 : a picture or series of pictures (as an altarpiece) painted… Continue reading The first of the bathers

drawing with black and white pencils

A little drawing I did last night with some new pencils (the full drawing is at the end of the post). I must stop buying new art supplies. For awhile. Until I've used up some of those I've got! The discipline of making, of doing the work, every day, is not an easy one for… Continue reading drawing with black and white pencils

Sketch for a new project

I've been working on a new idea for a project that will (with some perseverance) culminate in a deck of playing cards. Won't say anything more at this time, but here is an initial conceptual sketch. Many more to do, to get at it properly, get the right feel and scale of things. Stay tuned… Continue reading Sketch for a new project