Man with a mustache

portrait- man with a mustache

Well this one turned out better, though my markers are running out at this point. Due for a visit to Blick. His face is rather less long and narrow than in the tintype I referenced, and his body slightly more awkward; diminished— but I like the effect. He looks terrifically in earnest. (I realized part way through this one that I’d actually done a sketch of him some years ago, but this one is a vast improvement on that first go.)

This marker method is one I learned about from a friend and colleague; you begin with the palest of tints, and build up, honing the lines as you go. It’s liberating compared to pencil, as there is no erasure possible, you just (try to) get more definitive and accurate, or where you want with it, each layer. Of course I go back in with the markers to blend the black ink after getting detailed with the fine lines, but that’s the cherry on top; that’s the fun part, where it feels more like painting.

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