watercolor : studies of hair

Some pencil and watercolor drawings from the sketchbook; mainly focused on rendering hair, which is great fun to paint with watercolors.

bleeding marker = two snowscapes

Schiele Portraits and a wander day in the city

Sunday was the first day in the 40s NYC has seen in months, and it was well appreciated. Went to the Neue Galerie with a couple of friends to have a look at the Egon Schiele portraits exhibit, and seeing his work in person is never disappointing. His linework is so sure and fine, and his… Continue reading Schiele Portraits and a wander day in the city

Sketchbook monarchs

A couple of rather messy sketches from a few of nights ago. Just nonsense, but I like them.

portrait of a woman with a comb in her hair

Another study, using markers, from an old photograph. Not as successful, nor as interesting as yesterday's, but the point of studies is practice, not perfection.

blind contour drawings

A selection of some blind contour* drawings from a delightful Sunday in winter. Yesterday began with brunch at Blueprint, followed by some meandering shopping and errand-running, and led back to the museum for some drawing and movie watching, wine and dinner. We used watercolors to embellish some after the fact, but we definitely allowed ourselves… Continue reading blind contour drawings