Schiele Portraits and a wander day in the city

Sunday was the first day in the 40s NYC has seen in months, and it was well appreciated. Went to the Neue Galerie with a couple of friends to have a look at the Egon Schiele portraits exhibit, and seeing his work in person is never disappointing. His linework is so sure and fine, and his distortions of limbs, faces —of bodies— so well-informed and limned with such confidence that they are often more convincing than an ‘accurate’ anatomical study.


After the show, we walked south and west through Central Park, then hopped a train to Blue Ribbon Downing Street bar for some food and wine, followed by a meander to Upholstery Wine Bar (same owner as Cafe Sabarsky in the Neue—full circle), and finally headed to Duplex Planet for some piano bar fun.

After the jump, a couple more of my quick sketches from Duplex, plus a small sampling of some of the works featured in the portraits show.

I did some sketches in the piano bar. I’d been wishing during the Schiele show that I’d had my sketchbook to take some visual ‘notes’, only to realize later in the day I’d had it with me all along! Damnit.  Elton
While we were, none of us, impressed with the organization of the show (tried to be a sort of biographical timeline, but then wound up splitting all the art into categories, so failed, and the ‘timeline’ of his life was in a very narrow hallway, and went in a reading-wise L to R direction, which was counterintuitive to the actual layout of the galleries)— the artwork itself more than made up for the poor planning.
Schiele Portraits at Neue Galerie 2015Schiele Portraits at Neue Galerie 2015Schiele Portraits at Neue Galerie 2015

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