Sketchbook and watercolor : reacquaint

Sketches revisited with watercolor, collage
ome of the sketches from Sunday’s wander day revisited with watercolor and paper collage. More pages after the jump>>

Sketches revisited with watercolor
On the two above (though it’s really hard to see), I played with using a bit of paper lace as a mask– painted in the negative spaces with acrylic glaze, let dry, then painted over it with the watercolor.

I was hoping the glaze would block the paint from settling on the paper more completely, but it wasn’t the case. Gel medium probably would have worked better (or clear nail varnish!). But it did leave some little bit of pattern in the paint.

Sketches with watercolor
his spread has a bit of an anatomy print pasted in. A slice of that print I’d have no use for otherwise. (Besides, I’ve had that anatomy repro in the flat files forever.)

Sketches with watercolor
And a couple of new drawings here. (The detective one got its name because his innocent face reminded me for a moment of The Little Prince.) A good night’s work of play, all round.

This morning broke impossibly sunny, so maybe spring will be around the corner. I hope it’s not too far off (though I could use a bit of in-between time to cycle my winter body back into shape— I really miss my bike.)


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