On Editing

What the floor looked like while sorting boxes  of old stuff
This is what editing looked like yesterday. I’ve been in a frenzy of eliminating items from my apartment; going through boxes, drawers, shelves— anything that no longer makes the cut is out. Trash, recycle or donate.

Two of the friends I met up with last night said they’d been doing the same thing this weekend; how refreshing it feels to undergo this process. We referenced:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

— William Morris

random stuff from the archives

Editing is perhaps the most ubiquitous skill that I use across all of the many disciplines that comprise my general vocation as a visualist (my shorthand for artist, designer, illustrator, animator, photographer &c).

In fact, it applies to every vocation, every situation. It’s a powerful word / act. Every time you make a decision —about anything— you’re editing; a process of working towards elegance; authenticity, and in this case— closets and cubbies that no longer resemble a (losing) game of Tetris.

In the process, I came across a lot of things I’ve not seen in a long time, including some pages typed by 25-year-old me. (I had a manual typewriter, found on a sidewalk in Manhattan. Its shift key didn’t work, so I was forced to write in e. e. cummings’ style –all lowercase– before it was ‘cool’.)

I put some of the miscellaneous bits n bobs in my sketchbook; it’s as good a place as any for archiving. And I can’t help but annotate.

Jesus and Houdini: famous disappearing acts” escape artists
“That smug-ass angel that was a meme in print”

On the obverse of the phrase card (by a Fluxus artist):

“You may disarm your opponent with a smile, with gifts, or with any other seemingly conciliatory gesture. Conceal a dagger in a smile means winning your opponent’s trust and acting only after his guard is down.”

Espionage; spy games.

Parisian Drawing CardsAside: one of my friends had found this during her decluttering, and brought it to give to me; thought it was up my alley. She was correct.

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