The shapes created by the spaces between things

watercolor painting of poppies in sunlight
Poppies in sunlight (watercolor)

One of the reasons I enjoy poetry is because it comprises all of my favorite ways of making. It’s creating images with words, yes; a kind of storytelling. But it’s about so much more than just the correct or precise words —more than denotation or connotation— it’s also about design.

It’s about how the words interact with the space around them; make a composition, make aural and visual rhythms; remainders as important as omissions.

As in any kind of composition, the negative space is crucial.

watercolor painting: fraternal twins
Fraternal twins (watercolor)

3 thoughts on “The shapes created by the spaces between things”

  1. I LOVE these two images, paintings? What is digital art called? I’m going with Paintings, I think! 🙂 I LOVE these two paintings, they’re so beautiful. I really love the style, are they yours? I also really enjoyed what you wrote, too! I definitely agree about the poetry! I always see poetry as an image… almost literally, the image the words physically make, and then the meaning of the words and how they make you feel, are how the colours and strokes etc would make you feel from an actual painting. The tone of the poem, is like the tone of the painting, etc. Anyway, I just wanted to say I really loved the paintings 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lucy! Yes, they are both paintings, done with watercolor half-pans (not digital). The top one I painted on watercolor paper (9″ x 12″) and the lower in my sketchbook (Moleskine ~5″x8″) Thanks for looking and reading 🙂

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