kraft paper drawings

sketches for a deck of cards on kraft paper

click to see full drawings…

That last drawing I named ‘Little My in later years.” If you’re familiar with the Moominvalley stories by the late, lovely Tove Jansson, Little My was a character thereincluded– always jovial, energetic. Actually, now I think about it, it should be the Mymble’s Daughter; older sister to feisty Little My, and renowned for her red hair, ever in a knot atop her head. (They both wore the topknots, but Little My was more the rambunctious tomboy.)

It was an art night at Kim’s house last night. Yay! We do them periodically- every week or sometimes it’s only every three weeks. We’ve discussed the possibility of enlarging it to encompass a group, but thus far venue has been an issue. In New York (even in Brooklyn) none of us owns a very large household; at least for the purpose of acting as a studio for an evening. It’s in progress, though. There are possibilities! Maybe by mid-fall we’ll have found a sitch that will work so that we can be a larger posse of art happening. ‘Twould be lovely. One of the things I miss most about Art School is that atmosphere in which one can bounce, learn from, interchange with fellow artists– especially ones who work in different ways to oneself; therein lies the greatest learning.

Next post: more drawings!!

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